Disturbing: California Church Holds a 'Beyoncé Mass'

The pop star is glorified in San Francisco in a sad and shameless ploy to pack 'worshippers' into the pews

Elizabeth M. Economou

20 Celebs Who Went to Rehab (Bet You Didn't Know!)

These names may surprise you (Is there anyone at all with a history of 'clean living' in Hollywood? Anyone?)

Gabrielle Abdelnour

'GQ' or God: Which Makes the Better Man?

Author has been reading the Bible daily for 35 years — does an obnoxious magazine realize how much it's offended so many people?

Kenny Luck

Google Creates Ultimate Cover-Up Tool for Bureaucrats: 'Expiring Emails'

New feature claimed to protect privacy could also empower gov't officials to erase evidence of wrongdoing by timing its disappearance

Mark Tapscott

Melania Trump on Her Birthday: Beautiful, Classy, Accomplished

First lady is celebrated by the president as she turns 48, while Madame Tussauds reveals a stunning new wax figure of this pacesetter

Deirdre Reilly

Former Hillary Staffer Rips 'Incredibly Arrogant' Libs for Snubbing Trump Voters

Annafi Wahed's friends think the president's supporters were 'duped,' are 'not the norm,' and 'are an aberration'

Kathryn Blackhurst

Liberal Artists Are Turning on Kanye West — But It Doesn't Matter

Along with other outspoken individuals, the rapper proves the world is a better place when creators enjoy independent thinking

Zachary Leeman


Stephen Colbert Would Have No Material Without Trump

The late-night host bases most of his show these days on the sitting president — and just went after the Macron visit to the White House

PopZette Staff

Trump Gives Himself A-Plus Grade for Tenure in Office

Brendan Kirby
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